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Operation Santa

Many of the students and teachers of Pre-School, Grade Two and Grade Four were keen to be involved in any efforts we could participate in to assist survivors of Typhoon Yolanda. In the first week after the storm there was a focus upon gathering food, medicine, clothing and blankets to be sent to affected areas. Teddy bears it was sid Read full article »

ECLC-Natural World

Unit Understanding Objects from nature can be used in many different ways Essential Questions What is a natural object? What can you do with a natural object? Look at some students exploring natural objects around our school! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157625006949292 Here are some student created Natural Objects Museums! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157625112475860 http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157624985928489 Read full article »

Grade One-Friendship

Unit Understanding Building and maintaining relationships takes thought, effort and sensitivity. Essential Questions • What is a friend? • How can I be a friend? • How do I connect and relate to others? • What makes a friendship last? All the children in Gr. 1 planned ‘Friendship Day’, a day where we invited students from Papaya Academy to visit ISM. Papaya Academy is a local school which has Read full article »

ISM Community Gardens Project

In 2009 students, teachers and parents from ES, MS and HS all joined hands and built our ISM Community Garden! Since then we have been learning more about plants, making friends from all over our school and solving problems together.

Service Partners

By learning more about the people in our community we are able to help each other solve problems like trash, floods and poverty. Click here to find out more about our Service Partners, who they are, what they do and how you can get involved!

Service, Environment and Sustainability in the Wider ISM Community

Click here to discover more about the various service, environmental and sustainability initiatives happening in ISM.