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Grade 1 Service and Environmental Learning 2013/14.

4. Connections to the Natural World. (How do Plants Grow?) wks 30-38 Unit Understanding Plants are a life-sustaining resource for us and other living things. Essential Questions -How do plants live and grow? -Why should we care for plants? Dispositions Comments Responsible. Understanding why plants are important to our world and what we can do to help take care of our world. Transdisciplinary Skills Comments Research. Seeking, using and synthesizing information. Assessment To be reviewed-Instead of plant Read full article »

Grade One-Growth

Unit Understanding Plants like animals have certain requirements in order to grow and stay healthy. Essential Questions What affects plants growth? How do we know when something is growing? Why should we care for plants? We used lots of resources including our Community Garden and our Service Partners to help us answer these questions... Planting at the community garden Visiting the school compost heap Comparing people and plants We found Read full article »

ISM Community Gardens Project

In 2009 students, teachers and parents from ES, MS and HS all joined hands and built our ISM Community Garden! Since then we have been learning more about plants, making friends from all over our school and solving problems together.

Service Partners

By learning more about the people in our community we are able to help each other solve problems like trash, floods and poverty. Click here to find out more about our Service Partners, who they are, what they do and how you can get involved!

Service, Environment and Sustainability in the Wider ISM Community

Click here to discover more about the various service, environmental and sustainability initiatives happening in ISM.