This year our Elementary School Music Department, through the Grade Four Children’s Musical Theatre group produced a performance entitled ‘Safe Guardians of the World.’ The ‘Big Idea’ of the production was SUSTAINABILITY. The performance was organised in the same way that the Compass Point method of analysing life on our planet is organised with four main elements (N)ature, (S)ociety, (E)conomy and (W)ellbeing.


The themes of ECONOMY  are mainly about how sustainable the production of food and things we need are, along with levels of waste and saving. In the production a wasteful Queen was shown a more sustainable path by a green hero who encouraged her to conserve more and distribute her wealth more evenly.



The theme of ‘SOCIETY’ was illustrated through a second scene where a group of friends where in a social ‘bubble’ which was surrounded by a kind of invisible force that prevented awareness of the world and other groups that were outside of the bubble. New people were unable to join and connect. Community came to the rescue, puncturing the bubble and uniting the groups together.


The third scene featured the theme of NATURE. This took the form of a dance off, set in a forest in Bohol between machines and native species of tree and animals like Tarsiers for example. The Big Idea in this scene is a key idea behind sustainability and it is the simple truth that we are not separate from nature. We are all one. One can even take this view of the Universe as a whole as the atoms that make up life in our planet where primarily created in the centre of stars many light years away!


The final section on WELLBEING was about balance and friendship. It was about being more mindful of placing connection as more important than competition. A scene was acted out with students acting as characters in a Go Kart computer game. At the end of the race the winner decided to prioritise making sure that their fellow competitors felt ok rather than focussing on celebrating victory.


At the end of the performance some children stayed behind for a questions and answer session with the curator, narrator and performers. There were many questions about how the CMT group had organised the performance over the four months since preparations began.


There are also important questions to consider about the Sustainability theme. Perhaps it would be good for us all to consider………….

-How do you connect with Sustainability?

-How could you connect with Sustainability?

-What could you do?

-What will you do?